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Treat your kids to great bible songs written with a sense of humor and a covenantal understanding. Jamie Soles' music will delight both you and your children as he sings about everything from rats and tumors to Machpela. Brightrock press does not publish this music but we are so very impressed with Jamie Soles albums that we have to offer them for you. More info at  If you are in the USA save on shipping by ordering from Brightrock Press.

MemorialsMemorials is an album with such a broad reach in terms of fun on the one hand and sensitive and profound treatment of human sin sorrow on the other that it is impossible to express it in words.  Get the album; it is very good.  Best album for both adults and Children.

CD  price: $15     

AscendingAscending  is Jamie Sole's version of the Psalms of Ascent. Psalms 120-134 were a cycle of Psalms to be sung by the children of Israel as they made their way to Jerusalem for yearly sacrficial feasts and holy days.  "Behold how good and how pleasant it is when brethren dwell together in unity."   Least interest for children.

CD  price: $15     

Up From HereUp From Here along with The Way My Story Goes (below) are Jamie Soles playful Bible music at it's best.  To say the music is for kids might give the wrong impression.  So we'll follow the well worn cliche and call it music for "kids of all ages."  Definitely buy this one for your children or grandchildren.  Just remember to listen to it yourself, you won't regret it!

CD  price: $15     

The Way My Story GoesThe Way My Story Goes is an album of Bible delights.  You and your kids will love listening (and singing along) as Jamie Soles sings about Bible bad guys (all the usual suspects), how to catch a wife (how the tribe of Benjamin was saved), and the names of the Apostles.  Another album for kids of all ages.

CD  price: $15     

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